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Carpooling is a common method that enables the driver and riders to meet the minimum car capacity to use HOV or Express lanes. Having three or more occupants in the car can also mean riding for free on some toll roads. Many installations provide convenient, exclusive parking spots for commuters who carpool to work.

Commuter Connections’ local rideshare office helps match people together who are interested in forming a new carpool and can provide detailed advice and information to commuters from local jurisdictions.

Waze has a separate Waze Carpool app that matches you with other commuters travelling to similar destinations.

GoEzy features a complete suite of available mode options and services include driver navigation, dynamic carpool pairing, transit, ride hailing, micro-transit, biking, and walking. Mobile payments for transit, TNC, bike rentals, and more are fully integrated as well. Intermodal capabilities allow users to chain together modes of travel to increase their options and solve first-mile/last-mile challenges.

Express Lanes

The Express Lanes will help get you there faster with quick, simple and predictable travel along 495, 95 and 395 in Northern Virginia. Grab your E-ZPass®, buckle up and enjoy riding in the fast lanes. Driving with three or more passengers in the car or with a vanpool allows you to ride on the Express Lanes for free. See Carpool/Rideshare above for more information on finding or forming a carpool. See below for more information on forming a vanpool.


There are numerous vanpools through the region. The Federal Mass Transit Subsidy can be used to supplement costs up to $270/month associated with vanpools. To find a vanpool near you and learn more about how the subsidy works, visit vanpoolalliance.org

Park & Ride Lots

There are over 350 Park and Ride lots throughout the region. They are a convenient place for commuters to join up with carpools and vanpools. Parking is free at 90% of the commuter Park & Ride lots. Find the lot closest to you at: virginia.dot.org.

Capital Bikeshare

Use the Capital Bikeshare or Lyft apps to find nearby stations:

• Iwo Jima Memorial: 14th St N & N Meade St

• N Pershing Dr & N Wayne St

• Washington Blvd & Walter Reed Dr

• Columbia Pike & S Orne St

Additional Information:


Commute Tools

Commuters have access to the following resources to help plan your trip:

Custom Commute Plan: Request a personalized commute plan to explore your transit options at

Guaranteed Ride Home: Sign up for free and reliable ride service to get home in case of emergencies at

ART Real-Time Arrivals: Find out when the next ART bus will arrive at your stop

BusETA: For GPS-based arrival time for Metrobus

JB-HH Base Access

The Visitor Control Center (VCC) at Fort is inside the Hatfield gate off of Washington Blvd (VA - 27)  Request a visitor pass online.






Thomas Hamed

Transportation Demand Management/Transportation Management Plan Coordinator



FROM Alexandria

Geralyn Taylor

703 746 4084



Luisa Nicaragua

703 877 5704 luisa.nicaragua@fairfaxcounty.gov

Loudoun County

Judy Galen

703 737 8044


Prince William County

Holly Morello

703 580 6130



Leigh Anderson

540 373 2890



Howard County

Allison Calkins

410 313 3388


Montgomery County

Commuter Services

Maritza De La Vega

Contract Manager


240-777-8391 (fax)


Prince George’s County

Stacey King

Community Developer III

Office: 301-883-5656



Southern MD

George Clark

301 870 2520 Ext 819


Northern Virginia

Regional Commission

Peggy Tadej

Director of Community

& Military Partnerships




• Wear a mask

• Don't talk in transit

• Open windows to maximize ventilation

• Shorter trips are safer

Henry Gate

257 Arlington Blvd Trail, Fort Myer, VA 22211

• Pedestrian portal open 24/7 to DOD ID Card Holders

• Must be registered in system for access

Bus Routes:

• Metrobus 4A/B: Seven Corners - Courthouse - Rosslyn

• Metrobus 16Y: Columbia Pike - Farragut Sq. - McPherson

• ART 45: Columbia Pike - Courthouse - Rosslyn

Hatfield Gate

29 Carpenter Rd. Fort Myer, VA 22211

• Open 24/7 to visitors, commercial vehicles, and DOD ID Card Holders

Bus Routes:

• ART 42: Ballston - Clarendon - Pentagon

• ART 45: Columbia Pike - Courthouse - Rosslyn

• ART 77: Shirlington - Lyon Park - Court House

• Metrobus 16Y: Columbia Pike - Farragut Sq. - McPherson

South Gate

1555 Southgate Rd, Arlington, VA 22204

Open Daily 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to DOD ID Card Holders and AIE Pass Holders.

Bus Routes:

• Metrobus 16A/C/E: Annandale - Pentagon

• Metrobus 16G/H: Columbia Pike - Pentagon

• Art 42: Ballston - Clarendon - Pentagon

Wright Gate

398-376 Marshall Dr, Fort Myer, VA 22211

Open daily 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. to DOD ID Card Holders and AIE Pass Holders

Bus Routes:

• ART 61: Rosslyn - Radnor Heights - Courthouse

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