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25% of the vehicles commuting on I-95/395 each day are commuting to a military installation within the National Capital Region.

Over 110,000 cars travel through the gates at Fort Belvoir, Marine Corps Base Quantico and Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, and other federal facilities such as the Mark Center and Fort Belvoir North, daily. 

Roughly 86% of the cars traveling through the gates at Fort Belvoir and Marine Corps Base Quantico are Single Occupancy Vehicles. That number jumps to an astounding 96% for Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. 

NoVA Defense Commuter is a free resource, funded by local and state of Virginia government agencies, to help connect service members, military families, DOD employees, defense contractors and other defense-affiliated commuters with resources that fit their unique commuting challenges.

NoVA Defense Commuter works in partnership with Ft. Belvoir, JB Myer-Henderson Hall and MCB Quantico to provide commuter resources and transportation demand management support to defense-affiliated commuters in Northern Virginia.

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